Volunteers Wanted

We urgently need local community fundraisers, drivers and home support volunteers please visit the volunteer training section for upcoming details of our next training. We are also looking for Trustees who have experience of marketing or fundraising.

Location: Greater Manchester



Trustees and Special Advisers

We are always looking for people who would like to be a trustee or advisor to our charity. We are particularly interested in people who have had experience of life limiting illness, either as a patient, carer or family member.

Special Advisers provide an invaluable input of specialist skills that we need occasionally, and would find difficult to source or  pay for. We have previously had invaluable help with setting up training and developing of our organisation. We are hoping to expand and so are particularly interested in people living in communities as yet not supported by Being There and those with marketing and fundraising experience.

If you wish to be involved with Being There and feel you have something to offer on an organisational level, please do get in touch by emailing trustees@beingthere.org.uk