This video explains the work of Being There in Greater Manchester.
We support people with a diagnosis of cancer, strokes, heart and respiratory disease and other life limiting illnesses.
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Timely support when you need it. For people with cancer, stroke, heart and respiratory illness, MS, motor-neuron disease…

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Being There 

Being There has re-opened most of its face-to-face services for people with life limiting illnesses (including cancer, strokes, heart and respiratory) and carers. Although this is welcome news, it is important to note that the pandemic itself has not gone away and infection rates are continuing to climb. We will therefore continue to use Covid safe infection control measures.

In person counselling, hospital transport, face-to-face befriending services are now available. Telephone befriending support, the online social and support group will continue to be offered until further notice. The face-to-face support & social groups will return at some point but we will issue further guidance.

As always, do keep in touch us for updates. Contact numbers for the team below.

We look forwards to seeing you again and being there for you.

Salford: mobile: 07599 957153

Trafford: mobile: 07716 122613

North Manchester: mobile: 07749 368339

South Manchester: mobile: 07845 793889

Tameside: mobile: 07709 522631

Being Heard Counselling Service: 07708 635183

Please leave a message with contact details if the line is busy and someone will get back to you as soon as possible.

Karen Mercer Chief Executive updated 01/09/21

Being There is a small charity providing emotional support and practical assistance to people with cancer and other life-limiting illnesses, along with those closest to them, such as family, friends and carers. We offer our support and volunteering opportunities in Manchester, Trafford, Salford and Tameside.

We are able to listen confidentially to your concerns about having cancer or another life limiting illness such as strokes, heart and respiratory illness. Our solutions to promote well-being include befriending visits, support and social groups as well as practical assistance, for example taking people shopping or transport to hospital appointments.

Being Heard is our counselling service for those who need additional psychological support.

Please have a closer look at this website and videos to learn more about our work and volunteering opportunities.

We are only able to offer volunteering opportunities in Greater Manchester, UK.


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Being There offers a number of services for people affected by cancer and other life-limiting illnesses.

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