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Being There Chairman Retires

January 8th, 2019
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David Lambert retired as Chair of the Being There Management Committee in December 2018 after over 20 years involvement with the charity in its various incarnations.

On 24th April 1992, when the charity was a telephone support line, David carried out the legal work for Nigel Day, then company secretary, which resulted in the unincorporated charity become a limited company – one limited by guarantee as was usual for charities. He also acted as a witness when Nigel Day and then chair, Martin Albu signed the Memorandum and Articles of Association before applying to register the new company.

David dealt with the important business of registering the company as a charity at the Charities Commission and was able to claim Companies’ House exemption from using the word ‘Limited’ as part of the name. This is permitted for charities despite the company having limited liability status. Following on from handling the legal aspects of the charity he became the company secretary on 5th January 1999 and subsequently a director/trustee in 2004 when Beechwood’s Chief Executive, Allan Whittaker was chairman.

David became chair of the management committee himself on 22nd October 2006 remaining so for 12 years. Sadly, one of David’s first acts as chair was to attend the funeral of one of the charity’s founding members, Professor Peter Maguire.

Since becoming chair David has taken an active role in the governance of Being There as the charity is now known. During his tenure he has visited staff, volunteers and clients at the charities’ social and support groups, given talks on wills and legacies, and fostered sponsorship and donations.

The Management Committee, staff and volunteers would like to thank David for his generous support over the years and wish him well in his well-earned retirement!