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In for a penny…

March 30th, 2013
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Sometimes it is hard to put a figure on what buys what in a charity that provides services rather than buying ‘things’ such as medical equipment. However we at CALL believe it is important that you know how your money is used to support people with cancer and other life-limiting illness, their carers and families.

What your money provides:

  • £5: an hour of telephone support for someone with concerns about a diagnosis of cancer or another life-limiting illness
  • £10: a copy of a Volunteering Manual for a new volunteer
  • £15: a bereavement support group session for a carer
  • £20: a Christmas lunch for a cancer patient or carer
  • £25: volunteer support and transport to a client on a hospital visit
  • £50: refreshments at a group ‘drop in’ for people with cancer and other life-limiting illness
  • £50: respite support for two carers
  • £75: hires a room for a group ‘drop in’
  • £100: trains a volunteer in listening and communication skills
  • £150: 6 home visits to a person with a life-limiting illness
  • £750: a full day outing for 30 cancer patients and carers
  • £1000 provides practical help such as shopping to 50 people living with a life-limiting illness
  • £1000: training for 10 new volunteers
  • £60 000: a CALL branch providing emotional support and practical help in your local area for one year

Gift aid adds another 20p for every £1 you donate. It’s all done for you when you click our donate button.

Client comment: I cannot put a value on the support I’ve received. It is absolutely priceless.