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Margaret Carleton – Running Towards Retirement

April 10th, 2019
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A little about me…..

Hi, my name is Margaret Carleton and I have just reached my 65th year of this amazing and precious life that I have been given… and I am extremely grateful to have such an amazing and supportive family, wonderful friends, good mental, physical and spiritual health and that I have been able to work and volunteer in roles that have meant so much to me and to those that I have been blessed and privileged to meet along the way…. To show my appreciation and to celebrate  this special year I have accepted a challenge to run a 10k (6.2 miles) race during each month of 2019… 12 in total and the last one being in December 2019.

By doing this I will be able to help many others by raising much needed funds for four charities very close to my heart:-

Being There where I am working and have volunteered for over 20 years supporting people with cancer and life limiting illness. You can donate via any of the donate buttons on this website. where I volunteer as a therapist, supporting people living with cancer a dental and community charity in Mwanza, Tanzania, where I spent an amazing year volunteering in 2008 supporting people with AIDS and Leprosy and where in 2010 I helped renovate a community centre in the area of Bukumbi a charity which our running club, Winston Runners is working in partnership with in 2019 to help raise awareness and reduce the stigma attached to mental health problems…

Because any money that is raised will be shared between the four charities, I am not able to set up a Just Giving page so I have sponsor forms and I will be relying on the generosity of everyone throughout the year, family, friends and anyone who is happy to help to pledge an amount that they can afford… at the end of the year (and if I am still alive!!) after my twelfth race, all monies raised will be split evenly between the four charities… so….if you haven’t got a pound, a penny will do.. and if you haven’t got a penny.. God Bless You… Thank you from the bottom of my heart all for your support….

Being There would like to thank Margaret for all her years of dedication as both volunteer and branch manager. We wish her well for her retirement.