Pilotlight Partenrship

Written on 30 July 2019 Posted under: Uncategorized

We are happy to announce a partnership with the charity Pilotlight.

Pilotlight offers charities and social enterprises access to the strategic business support they need to become more efficient, effective and sustainable. They do this by harnessing and matching the talents of their members – called Pilotlighters – to charities through our programmes. All our programmes are project managed by experienced Pilotlight Project Managers who drive for the best outcomes for both our Charity Partners and our Pilotlighters.

The Pilotlight team came to visit us at our Salford branch and later our support group where they met with trustees, staff volunteers and clients to find out more about us and the way we work. the team will work with our chief executive Karen Mercer and the mana gement committee on vision, values and sustainability.