Why volunteer?

VolunteeringIt’s official volunteering is good for you! Volunteering adds to your sense of well-being and that of others. It supports local people and communities. It can improve your social life, give you new skills and enhance your CV. So what are you waiting for? Find out more about volunteering at Being There.

Volunteering at Being There

Volunteers are essential to Being There as they help deliver our services to people affected by cancer and other life-limiting illness in the Greater Manchester area. Please only apply if you live in Greater Manchester, UK as we cannot accommodate volunteers living elsewhere.


Volunteering roles at Being There:

We are currently  able to offer Telephone Support volunteering until further notice because of Covid-19. This is still a vital role which offers emotional support to people who are shielding because of their illness. Please contact us on : 0845 123 23 29 or email: info@beingthere.org.uk if you would like to volunteer with us.

Home-Support Listening Volunteers: support clients in their own homes where necessary and/or accompany them to hospital appointments, social events, shopping and other agreed activities. Listening volunteers may also attend our twice monthly support and social groups to support the people attending.

Fundraising Volunteers: assist with or organise fundraising activities, events and ‘spreading the word’ about Being There.

Transport Support Volunteers: drivers with their own cars to help get clients to and from Being There ‘support and social groups’, hospital/medical appointments and to wait with clients if required.

It is possible for some volunteers to combine more than one volunteering role.


What qualities does Being There look for in a volunteer?

The most important qualities are reliability, flexibility where possible, a willingness to listen and an honest, non-judgemental attitude. All volunteers are fully trained and have a manager based at the branch for which they are recruited. There are regular socials and support meetings.

All volunteers are legally required to undergo Disclosure and Barring Service check (DBS) checks be- fore undertaking any role with Being There.

Are volunteers given any expenses?

Yes, volunteers are reimbursed for out of pocket expenses. Usually special forms are filled in outlining any expenses incurred and we ask that receipts be kept where appropriate.

Interested in volunteering with Being There? What next?

Fill in the online application form https://beingthere.org.uk/volunteering/volunteer-application-form/ or print one off, fill it in and send to us or ring: 0845 123 23 29 or email info@beingthere.org.uk for more details. Please leave a message with your contact details if the line is busy.

Sorry but our volunteering is for Greater Manchester, UK residents only. If you are outside this area please support us by following us on facebook and twitter or by donating via our donate button.