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Being There Trafford Volunteer – Steven Manning

Steven Manning explains why he enjoys volunteering for Being There and what motivated him to get in- volved…

Volunteering Spotlight“My mother died as a result of breast cancer, and I was in a position to be of some practical and emo- tional help during the final months of her illness. The experience acted as a catalyst for me to pursue some form of voluntary work.

“Being There has given me the freedom and support to fulfil my potential as a trusted and valued volun- teer within the organisation. The ongoing training is comprehensive and confidence building, and has enabled me to carry out my work effectively. Consequently I have found the experience rewarding be- yond expectation.

“Duties can vary widely, and include sitting with a client while a carer has some respite, driving some- one to a hospital appointment or leisure activity, providing a listening ear or simply being ‘on hand’ as reassurance for someone should they need to talk to a friendly ‘non judgemental’ person.

“I find the work both challenging and fulfilling, and would recommend anyone considering doing some form of voluntary work to contact Being There for a chat about the possibility of developing their poten- tial.”

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